September 15, 2014
10:55 pm

Breast Cancer Awareness Boost

The legacy of Tracey Starks lives on more than nine years after her death, thanks to her family and friends at Starks Family Funeral Homes & Cremation Services.

Tracey was only 41-years old when her life was cut short by the ravages of cancer in July of 2004.  Her husband and family were at her side when the end arrived, and they now keep the spirit of her colorful life alive in many ways.

One of the more prominent ways in which Tracey's husband, Tom Starks, and his team keep the memory alive is their annual show of support for Breast Cancer Awareness each October.

The staff of the funeral homes in St. Joseph, Dowagiac, Berrien Springs, Buchanan, and New Buffalo will all exhibit that support throughout the month.  The ladies on staff will wear Breast Cancer lapel pins and the gentlemen will sport pink ties through the end of October.  

Thanks to Office Manager Luann Leto for sharing the story with me so that I could share it with you.
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