September 19, 2014
1:47 am

Take a Stand for Local Television

As a board member of both WNIT Public Television in South Bend and the Association of Public Television in Washington D.C. I want to share with you an update to a grass roots campaign originally launched at the end of 2012 which was called at that time 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting.

While that campaign drew considerably support and interest from people all across America...the truncated "170 Million Americans" moniker left out the most critical thing they were supporting...public television.  Revisiting the initiative through focused research, online strategy sessions, and advocacy planning through social media platforms...organizers recently unveiled a whole new look and spirit to the campaign which clearly defines the goals of the group:  Protect My Public Media!

New logos were crafted...a tagline was developed saying:  Take a stand for the local stations and programs you love," and the campaign was dramatically reinvigorated, considerably more focused, and directly aligned with the task at hand:  to assure that whenever the work that the wonderfully creative people who populate the public media world are threatened from any corner, a massive core of grass roots Americans will take a stand to protect them.

The new website: was launched in mid-July, along with Facebook and Twitter accounts to support the effort.  If you enjoy the endeavors of WNIT Public Television...WTTW from Chicago...WGVU from Grand Rapids...or any source of public might want to check out the various platforms and sign on to join hands with like-minded people all across the nation.  It is one of my passions, and I hope it is one of yours as well.
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