April 18, 2014
7:36 pm

Very Special Art Show in Town

Chartreuse is a very special local arts co-op so it makes all the sense in the world that their latest showcase is, indeed, a very special art show currently on tour.  The Michigan Association of Community Mental Health is displaying their 2013-2015 Traveling Consumer Art Show in our local gallery from now through October 25, 2013.

The show features works of art created by disabled individuals including Chartreuse's very own Brian Cooley.  Brian is autistic, and with the help of the amazing crew at Gateway, he has been able to sell his incredible drawings at the gallery in the central business district for more than a year now.  Brian's fellow artists in the co-op have helped him to learn new skills including running the cash register, assisting with displays, and maintaining the unique gallery.  He is an outstanding example of what happens when someone with the right guidance and support can overcome the challenges of a disability to accomplish their goals.

The art in the traveling showcase is not just for your viewing pleasure, either...it is for sale, and the team at Chartreuse invites you to stop be to see the wonderful artwork created by a group of very talented artists from around the state of Michigan.

You'll find Chartreuse in the heart of downtown St. Joseph at 304 State Street, right alongside the Chocolate Cafe.
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