April 25, 2014
2:28 am

Celebrate Your Business

Do you make specialty food products or items here in Michigan...or do you know someone who is exceptionally good in that field of endeavor?  If so, there's an incredible opportunity in the near future waiting to be capitalized on.  Coming, Tuesday, November 12, 2013:  The 6th Annual Making It In Michigan Conference & Premier Specialty Food Show from Michigan State University.

Hosted at the Lansing Center under the guidance of the Michigan State University Product Center, the specialized trade show and educational seminars will enjoy a full day run from 7:30am until 4pm that day in the state capitol.  Sporting the theme of "Celebrate Your Business," the show promises to be an exciting way for attendees to learn more about growing their brands and making their businesses more efficient and profitable.

The Marketplace trade show will feature more than 150 Michigan-made food and agriculture products from new and existing businesses in a setting that is open to both the general public and Michigan-based food buyers.  The show is free to spectators.

Tim McIntyre, Vice President of Communications for Domino's Pizza, will deliver the conference's keynote address, telling the story of how Domino's broke all of the rules of traditional marketing to reinvent its brand including airing consumer criticism, showing bad product and exposing the secrets behind food commercial shoots.  

The one-day event features a series of educational sessions with leading experts ready to help guide in refining and growing the business ventures of attendees by looking at packaging, growing pains, product labeling and other marketing issues, and keeping track of regulatory issues.  Business attendants have a $79 registration fee that includes breakfast, lunch, educational sessions, digital copies of presentations and reference materials and admission to the trade show.

Time will also be set aside for networking with the winners of the MSU Product Center's awards to learn from their success.

You can register online by clicking here:  www.productcenter.msu.edu/miim.  Or, you can call Greta McKinney at 517-353-7185.  
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