April 23, 2014
9:02 pm

Dunham Sports in Final Stages of Moving

If you or your team need any kind of sports gear for the remainder of this month...just a quick heads up for you this coming Sunday (October 13, 2013) will be the last day for the current Dunham's Sports in the Fairplain Plaza.  Then...the store will close down and finish the Herculean task of moving everything that's left a couple of hundred feet down the block to their brand new store.  That new store is slated to open around the 1st of November...leaving you a two week gap if you don't grab your gear this weekend.

Staff members in both the new space and the old confirmed that Sunday will mark the closing of the store in final preparation for the opening of their new mega-store down the strip in the space that was formerly occupied by Office Depot which departed the market early this year.  The old space that Office Depot leased for years and a sizable vacant store front adjacent to it have been combined by the crews at Dunham Sports for a brand new 50,000 square foot super center for sports fans in the market.

Dunham's has enjoyed a spectacular clientele locally since setting up shop in the Plaza, and they had been eager to grow for a long time, but ended up being "space-locked" at that location.  The Midwest's largest retail sporting goods chain has been expanding their footprint in other markets over the past several years as their reputation has grown.  In the past couple of years Dunham's has moved from existing stores to larger ones in Midland and Warren, Michigan, in Jacksonville, Illinois and most recently in Defiance, Ohio.  

The Michigan-based company is headquartered in Waterford, Michigan.  Stay tuned for details on the official opening date for the new substantially larger store in the Fairplain Plaza coming soon.

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