August 20, 2014
4:24 pm

Good Food...Good For You

As the fall harvest continues and the bounty of an outstanding growing season prevails, our friends at Berrien County are sharing tons of great information on how to find the great fruits and vegetables you should be enjoying at your own family dinner table.

The county's Be Healthy Berrien project has spun off an ancillary project called Eat Local Berrien.  The initiative is a small gold mine of information regarding where and how to find a broad array of farmers markets, roadside farm stands, retail stores carrying fresh produce, and Community Supported Agriculture Farms.  

In the organization's drive to help you find healthy, fresh, and local food in Berrien County, they have established a website designed to get you in front of local farmers, growers, and others who can add dramatically to your quality of life through healthy eating.

The site is set up to allow you to view, search, and discover places to purchase local produce.  You can find them all on one map and then get directions to each and every place listed, or to even add your own farm or farm stand if the developers of the site somehow missed you.

The site for Eat Local Berrien can be reached by clicking this link:  

There's even a recipe database to help you craft some great offerings for your dinner table.  Check it out, and (as Jessica Stauffer would have me say) Be Healthy Berrien!

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