September 19, 2014
1:47 am

Create. Place. Connect.

Garth & Lani Woodruff share a strong connection to Mother Earth.  Their colorful blogs on their corporate website are very telling and quite entertaining.  More importantly, the values and connections they exhibit through their storytelling are simply sidebars to the work they perform everyday at their new venture in Michigan's Great Southwest that they call RootBound.  

RootBound is a new custom landscape design firm on the scene, headquartered in St. Joseph, but serving a broad array of people and their outdoor places.  Their sky-blue logo with the silhouette of a tree sports their name and three key words.  Create.  Place.  Connect.  Lani says that those three words are the ultimate goal in taking on a design project to help clients connect in some way.  Help to connect to warm & fuzzy feelings.  To connect to dreams & aspirations.  To connect to life itself.  The Woodruffs seek to create spaces that provide a sense of place, a sense that we belong and are connected to our surroundings in a way that is unique to each of us and can only be defined by us.

Lani's path in the landscape design industry actually began in the world of health and wellness.  When she met and married Garth, he started his own landscape design/build firm and she became involved.  She returned to school to earn another degree in Horticulture with an emphasis in Landscape Design.  She has been at it now for some 18 years in the business as the journey continues.

Garth earned his degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design and began his first business in the fall of 1994.  He is so entrenched in that world that he now teaches landscape architecture and horticulture classes at Andrews University in Berrien Springs.  

RootBound is largely Lani's baby, and from her landscape design studio she specializes in custom, residential, landscape design.  They are outdoor living specialists working daily to design outdoor kitchens & grills, decks, patios & walkways, water features & pools, fireplaces & firepits, formal gardens & play gardens, courtyards & entrances, trees...shrubs...perennial & seasonal interest features, and backyard resort living.

Additionally, RootBound can assist with bid & plant acquisitions, maintenance support and estate planning.

Take a look at their portfolio online at  You will find galleries of complete projects, a description of design capabilities and a fee schedule among other things.  Oh...and you'll find a connection to blogs created by both Lani and Garth.  If you'd like to connect with can call Lani directly at 571-259-8969.

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