April 24, 2014
1:28 pm

90 Year Celebration

Ninety years in existence is an enviable track record for any organization...and certainly cause for celebration!  That's why you will find a pretty good sized party going on Saturday, October 26th at the Bridgman American Legion Post 331.  

The Post...located at 4241 Legion Street (one block off of Lake Street)...near downtown Bridgman will host an Open House event from 2pm until 6pm on Saturday for sloppy joes, discounted drinks and, naturally, birthday cake at the Legion hall.  Members of the club have assembled a sizable collage of pictures, old documents and newspaper clippings from the past 90-years and they will be on display for visitors to see first hand. 

American Legion 331 Auxiliary President Kimberly Knuth hopes to see your smiling face as the festivities get underway.  Congratulations on 90 solid years of service to the Bridgman community and beyond.