July 29, 2014
10:54 pm

Bridgman Chamber & EGA Merge

The name "Bridgman Chamber of Commerce" will cease to exist effective January 1, 2014.  The organization behind the name, however, should become stronger than ever thanks to a newly minted merger agreement between the chamber and the Bridgman/Lake Township Economic Growth Alliance.  

In one regard, its almost like the chamber merging forces with itself, inasmuch as the chamber was already one leg of the tripod organization created back in 2006.  At that time the Chamber, the City of Bridgman, and Lake Township formed the current Economic Growth Alliance (EGA) to spur economic development in the lakefront community.

Now, Beth McNeil who Chairs the EGA and Brett Boyd, who serves as President of the Chamber, have announced the formation of what will be called the Greater Bridgman Area Chamber of Commerce and Growth Alliance.  The organization will be more affectionately and informally called the Chamber Growth Alliance or simply "CGA" which is easier on the tongue.

McNeil tells us, "For the past year we studied the need for two separate organizations, especially when we work together sponsoring the annual Wine and Brewer festivals and a number of other economic community development programs."  Boyd added, "Our goal is to better use our member resources and local government sponsorship funds to fully staff and operate community-wide economic and community development programs plus promote our visitor "Lake to Grapes" image to a wide audience."

The first annual meeting of the combined organizations is slated for January 9, 2014 where the CGA will begin seating a 15-member Board of Directors and review their programs and activities for the coming calendar year.  The board will then conduct its organizational meeting and election of officers in February of next year.  

Boyd called it a, "Classic better use of funds and people...allowing the business community, city and township to more effectively promote a successful and vibrant community."    The new organization becomes effective on January 1st.  

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