July 29, 2014
10:55 pm

You Choose...We Fuse...I Do!

Jim Wells of Bridgman was on pins and needles through most of his meal Friday night in downtown St. Joseph.  He rubbed his hands along his legs repeatedly, and seemed to be full well before his Asian stir-fry meal had much of a dent in it.  His friend Kelly Hawn, on the other hand, was pretty calm, enjoying her meal at the popular Tim's Too Restaurant on a cool, windy night.

The two were very familiar with the regimen at Tim's Too, where you gather up all sorts of noodles, select from a broad array of fresh cut veggies, and some fruits, ladle on your choice of hand-crafted sauces, select a smaller bowl of meat, poultry, fish or sausage, select from optional spices and the like, and then turn things over to the master chef at the huge round grill to perform magic on your hand-selected meal.  So...there was no problem with that process, or announcing drink selections to the waitress.  Tim's Too slogan is, "You choose...we fuse!"

As Jim arranged his left-overs in a to-go container, he got up several times and even asked the two young ladies at the table to his right if he could move his table a bit closer to theirs as there was something that he wanted to do.  He then turned to Carol and me and our friend Sue Patzer and quickly apologized for any inconvenience he might be before descending on one knee a couple of feet away and reaching into his jacket pocket to pull out a beautiful ivory box.  You can see what's coming here.

Mr. Wells asked Miss Hawn if she would stand up, before easing back the lid on what was pretty obviously a ring box, and asking her to marry him.  She was briefly speechless...while the neighboring tables, including ours collectively held our breath...before beaming, nodding, and answering, "Yes!"  The dining room at Tim's Too erupted in spontaneous applause and cheers...and Jim & Kelly hugged one another for a very long time, kissed briefly and Jim turned and asked us, "Who's face is redder at the moment, her's or mine?"  I told him that, at the moment, I had to give him the nod, and he responded by saying that he was visibly shaking over the nervousness of his proposal of marriage. 

We quickly snapped a photo of the two, and told them we would share the happy occasion with the rest of the world here at Moody on the Market.com, and they gave me permission to do so. 

Naturally, the girls were excited to have witnessed the whole event...and Sue even asked if he, "Went to Jared?"  Kelly confirmed he had.  Jim slipped the ring onto her finger...they gathered up their leftovers and departed into the night, newly engaged to be married. 

Jim told me he decided to pop the question over dinner at Tim's Too...because that is where they first met one another on a blind date two and a quarter years ago. 

No word yet on a wedding date.  Congratulations to two happy people in Michigan's Great Southwest!
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