April 24, 2014
3:23 pm

J Dog 3 Junk Removal Expansion

Lenny Meschino hit the ground running and he isn't about to slow down now!  The U.S. Military veteran who launched J Dog 3 Junk Removal here in Michigan's Great Southwest has been successful enough that his expansion plans have two more vehicles on the way.  

Meschino began the local service barely two months ago and has been on an aggressive campaign to remove your junk, garbage and recyclables in Southwest Michigan.  His business provides sorting, hauling, recycling and discarding of unwanted items from your home or office, employing environmentally friendly methods of disposal.

He is a Navy veteran who picked up the franchise opportunity this summer from a fellow veteran in Philadelphia.  Meschino has a heavily logo'd Hummer that he drives to service pick ups depicting his drive and spirit to succeed where many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have fallen short and remain unemployed after returning stateside.  His business has been very well recieved to date...and the result is his rapid expansion to add two more vehicles to his service fleet serving Michigan's Great Southwest. 

You can reach J Dog 3 Junk Removal by phone at 269-876-4958, toll-free at 877-994-4327 or online at www.jdog3.com