August 21, 2014
2:15 am

All Grown Up and Going Places

Teenagers the world over live for the day they turn 21.  It's long been considered the age of freedom.  Assuming that's the case for anyone approaching the magical age then Erik & Gloria Ender couldn't possibly have selected a more fitting name for their growing manufacturing company in the Pipestone Industrial Park of Benton Harbor.  Freedom Finishing, Inc at 2755 Meadowbrook Road is celebrating their 21st anniversary in business at their spacious 60,000 square foot production center just minutes away from I-94.

The Enders actually started powder coating in September of 1988, some 27 years ago, but it was at this time of year in 1992 that they dropped anchor on Meadowbrook for the long haul.  Nine years later in 2001 they expanded capabilities to include electroplating.  Thanks to a rock solid commitment to customer satisfaction, a work ethic beyond compare, and a steady drumbeat to do whatever it takes to continually add clients to their system, the have enjoyed great success in their chosen field.

With several decades of experience in some of the most demanding industries like automotive, military, appliance, recreation, furniture, medical and more, the team at Freedom Finishing has amassed substantial "know-how" from the first part through the door and into the oven to the last part packed and ready for shipping. 

Boasting an on staff tooling manager, Freedom Finishing is able to assure the right tooling for every job they take on.  The company provides premium industrial powder coating for a broad array of industries.  Powder coating is essentially dry paint.  Instead of being dissolved or suspended in a liquid medium (such as solvent or water) it is applied in its dry form, finer than ground pepper, but coarser than flour, and applied directly to the surface to be coated.  Contained within each powder particle is the resin, pigments, modifiers, and a curing agent.  It is the most cost effective way to enhance any kind of metal. 

Freedom also offers electro coating.  That is an immersion painting process in which charged paint particles are attracted to a metallic surface.  It is the most cost effective way to enhance any kind of metal with corrosion protection in mind.  Freedom's electro coat line is computer controlled for uniform coverage and reliability.

They can provide a variety of finishes including high gloss, low gloss, and a textured look and feel. 

The company also offers sub-assembly and direct shipments upon request.  They are also a Certified Green Business. 

Congratulations Erik & Gloria on another milestone achievement and best wishes for your continued success.