October 25, 2014
11:36 pm

Public Art Theme Revealed

Most of us are already well aware that the St. Joseph City Public Art objects for the 2014 summer season will be replicas of the city's inner and outer lighthouses on the North Pier.  That plan was unveiled a couple of weeks ago.  Now, however, the city has released the official theme and logo for the occasion, and as in the past it will be a colorful affair.

"Lighting Up St. Joseph" is the official theme...and the logo bears the words "Shining Sculptures -- Lighting Up St. Joseph," with stylized art of the two structures one bearing an acrylic paint tube trailing a wave of sandy colored paint behind the iconic inner lighthouse, and the other a blue pencil form of the outer lighthouse trailing a thin blue wave behind it.  

Since the two safety devices have safely guided countless ships into the ports of St. Joseph and Benton Harbor for over 100 years, and the city was recently deeded ownership of the structures this fall, it was a natural for the city commission and event organizers to select them as the focal point of the 30 art pieces to be showcased next year.  The new theme will also tie in nicely with the city's launch of a Capital Campaign -- the Lighthouse Forever Fund -- to raise the initial $1.8-to-$2-million dollars to restore and maintain the lights and catwalk.

The new public art project will also stray from past campaigns in that it will extend beyond the streets of downtown St. Joseph and into surrounding communities throughout Berrien County.  To assure that originality prevails, none of the artists planning to participate in the project will be allowed to portray the lighthouses realistically, or depict them in the color scheme they actually are.  

If you are an artist or sponsor who would like to be considered for one of the 30 pieces, you are invited to complete the application currently available at City Hall, 700 Broad Street in St. Joseph or online at www.stjosephpublicart.com.  Click that link here and now for the application.  They are also online at www.sjcity.com and www.stjoetoday.com.  You can also send an e-mail to Susan Solon, project coordinator, at ssolon@sjcity.com with questions.  Applications will be accepted through December 15, 2013.  Artists will then be notified on or around the first of the year, and selected artists and sponsors will receive their piece by the end of January.  They will be due back to the city, completed, by April 1, 2014.

The annual public art project is made possible each year through generous donations including the support of the St. Joseph Improvement Association who has been on board since the beginning. 

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