October 23, 2014
3:53 am

Founders Brewing Taps the Navy

The U.S. Navy christens the newest ship in its fleet tomorrow...the Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier...named for the President of the United States who grew up in Michigan's Great Southwest.  Gerald Ford was a longtime Michigan Congressman before becoming the 38th President of our nation upon the resignation of Richard Nixon.  He grew up in Grand Rapids, which is now also the home of his presidential library and his final resting place.

Of special note for fans of Michigan made products, Founders Brewing Company of Grand Rapids created a special label Pale Ale specifically for the grand celebration.  The Gerald R. Ford Dry Hopped Pale Ale salutes Newport News Shipbuilding and has been on tap all week long at half a dozen locations in the Newport News region including:
  • Newport News Marriott at City Center
  • Hilton Tavern in Newport News, Virginia
  • County Grill & Smokehouse in Hampton, Virginia
  • Taphouse in Hampton, Virginia
  • DoG Street Pub in Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Oceans and Ale in Williamsburg, Virginia

The brew is also being served at a private christening dinner tonight, Friday, November 8th, preparatory to tomorrow's big event.  The formal christening of the carrier takes place tomorrow, Saturday, November 9th, at the shipyard where it has been under construction.  President Ford's daughter, Susan Ford Bales, will serve as the ship's sponsor, performing the traditional honor of breaking a bottle of American sparkling wine across the ship's bow during the ceremony.

Founders Brewing Company co-founder Dave Engbers said when they got word of the request from the shipyard, it gave his team goosebumps, saying, "Gerald R. Ford is a hugely important figure in the Grand Rapids community.  We make beeer.  We aren't in the business of running a nation -- nothing near it.  But, we've done what we can to build our company on values exemplified by Ford, particularly integrity and authenticity.  It's such an honor to be involved in this christening." 

The christening ceremony, by the way, will be streamed online at www.thefordclass.com for those who would like to watch it. 

The photo that accompanies this article on Moody on the Market.com was provided by the crew at Founders Brewing, depicting the artwork for the special label for this occasion. 
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