October 22, 2014
12:45 am

Proos & Pagel Politically Speaking

Michigan State Sentator John Proos and State Representative Dave Pagel will help TV Host Elizabeth Bennion define the differences between Lansing and Indianapolis in a locally focused episode of "Politically Speaking" on WNIT Public Television this weekend.  

Bennion is an IU South Bend Professor and host of the weekly broadcast and she says her "Legislative Update: Michigan State Legislature" this Sunday will take a look at the starkly different policy choices being made in the two state capitols.  The show is broadcast live on channel 34.1 each Sunday at 2pm and then re-broadcast on Monday afternoon at 3pm on 34.2.

Regarding this week's show, which will feature Proos & Pagel, Bennion says, "This is a very interesting time for Michiana residents to consider the stark differences in the policy choices being made in Lansing versus Indianapolis.  The Michigan legislature passed legislation to expand Medicaid through Obamacare, while Indiana chose not to do so.  The Michigan legislature is working on legislation to allow the production and sale of 'pharmaceutical-grade' marijuana, while Indiana continues to outlaw all uses of the drug.  Residents in Indiana and Michigan will both learn a great deal by considering the very different choices being made by neighboring states.  The fact that both states are currently controlled by Republican legislators and a Republican governor makes the comparison even more fascinating."  

You are invited by WNIT producers to call in to ask questions during the program by calling 574-675-9648.  
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