April 24, 2014
8:02 pm

Discount Retailer Sets Up Shop In the Orchards Mall

Jimmy Balos has been working diligently since mid-June getting ready for his debut at The Orchards Mall.  He quietly made that debut last weekend by swinging open the doors onto the new 5 and 2 Discount Center in the space occupied for many years by Majerek's Hall of Cards and Books.

Jimmy, who hails from Buchanan, has one major league goal:  he wants to establish a life-long friendship with every customer who walks through the door.  He also will be working hard on your behalf to save you a considerable amount of your hard-earned money.  5 and 2 Discount pledges to bring you savings on a broad array of items ranging from 20 to 80-percent off of every day retail pricing.  From cards to chocolates...from frames and figurines to frying pans...5 and 2 Discount is working hard to earn your loyalty.

Jimmy has partnered up with Tom Majerek from the Majerek family in Niles who owned the store for many years to launch the new retailer just in time for your holiday shopping enjoyment.  But, this is about far more than just a single holiday season of bargains and unique gifts.  Jimmy Balos is committed to making 5 and 2 Discount one of the most talked about and most sought out stores in the entire Orchards Mall line up.  In fact, he was a little reluctant to have me spreading the good word just yet, because the store is truly a work in progress.  But, even he capitulated that with new inventory arriving seemingly every day, there is probably no "ideal" time to announce his presence to the world.

At 5 and 2 Discount, you will find a striking variety of name brand products at the lowest prices imaginable.  By way of example...all Hallmark greeting cards are buy one-get one free as a regular ongoing promotion.  All Christmas cards are buy two and get one free.  Jimmy is working around the clock to line up his official "Christmas Celebration," which he promises will be a truly memorable event.  He still hand't locked on a firm date and time for that celebration at the time that we talked in his shop, but promised it would be forthcoming soon as the plans continue to be solidified. 

As a new member in the Orchards Mall retail line up, the store will adhere to regular Mall hours, and be open when everybody else is open inside the shopping center at 1800 Pipestone Road in Benton Harbor.  Stop in soon and see what's in store for you at the all new 5 and 2 Discount Center in the J.C. Penney Court of the Orchards Mall.