September 17, 2014
11:36 pm

Best Way Acquires The Garbage Company

Residential and Commercial trash customers of The Garbage Company are recieving letters this week advising them of a business merger involving their service provider.  The best news for those impacted by the merger is:  "You do not need to do anything!"  

The actual business transaction apparently took place effective November 1, 2013...but letters to customers were dated four days ago and in the mail this weekend.  Eric Stoub is the General Manager of The Garbage Company and Dave Newhouse is the Division Manager for Best Way Disposal.  Both signed the jointly dispatched letter on dual letterhead.  That's likely the last correspondence to carry the logo of The Garbage Company, inasmuch as the merger brings everything under one roof at Best Way.

Stoub and Newhouse tell customers that other than seeing a new name on the trucks, little else will change.  In fact, they add that with few exceptions the same Garbage Company employees that customers have come to know will still provide their service.

Both firms are local family-owned businesses, and Best Way Disposal has been providing service to the community for more than 20 years.

All customer account information, such as monthly rates, balances and credits on each account will transfer to Best Way.  All future invoicing will be made by Best Way Disposal.  Even current collection days will remain the same, with the caveat that "if reorganization of routes should prove necessary in the future, Best Way will notify you before making any changes."  Customers are being asked in the letter to have trash bins in place by 6am on collection day, as upgrades to equipment will result in an earlier normal collection time.  

Best Way Disposal is located at 3290 Hennesey Road in Watervliet and four phone numbers were listed in the letter accounting for local dialing in various communities served.  Those numbers include:
  • 269-463-3232
  • 269-429-3431
  • 269-683-2499
  • 800-246-5992

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