October 31, 2014
8:03 pm

Be a Hometown Hero

It's something we should be doing every day...but especially so this coming Saturday, November 30th.  Shop Small.  The day after "Black Friday" has turned into Small Business Saturday, thanks to the efforts of founders at American Express.  The day is set aside to encourage shoppers everywhere to shop locally in their own home towns.  

I'm often baffled by local residents who encourage their kids to apply for summer jobs with local businesses, send their kids in to sell yearbook advertising, seek donations, ask for sports sponsorships and the like, and then routinely pack up the family to race off to South Bend, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Chicago and other cities to do their Christmas shopping.  If the local shops are good enough to take jobs, donations and sponsorships from...why is it so hard to support them by spending money with them?  It just makes no sense.

I recognize that there are many things that we can't get on the home front because they are not carried here.  My slogan has always been, "Shop us first...there's more here than you know!"  If there's a particular item you can't find...ask for a special order to be placed...or shop for that item alone when you depart town...don't make all of your purchases elsewhere!

As the American Express marketing for Small Business Saturday and the Shop Small campaign says:  "When you shop at these small local businesses, you support all the things that make your community great.  The money you spend here, stays here.  In this place you call your neighborhood."  

Good advice always...not just on a single Saturday in November.

Small Business Saturday was born in November of 2010 and received more than 1.2-million "likes" on Facebook within one month.  The U.S. Senate officially recognized Small Business Saturday in 2011 and millions of shoppers have been participating annually.  By 2012 consumer reported awareness of the day reached fully 67%, and consumer spending last year was estimated at $5.5-billion dollars.  

Please consider taking your holiday shopping business to the neighborhood this coming Saturday, and maybe it will become a habit for you that will help spur new opportunities and new hiring right here at home.  You will stand an excellent chance of becoming a true Hometown Hero!
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