October 31, 2014
10:05 am

Local Photog Garners National Attention

My former colleague at Mid-West Family Broadcasting John Jay Frandsen is pretty giddy these days after a national network TV personality became a fan of John's online photo blog on Flickr. The man not only became a fan but has asked for a piece to be created for display in his auto shop in Dallas.

Fans of the Discovery Channel might be familiar with the show "Fast & Loud."  It's reality TV about a place called "Gas Monkey Garage" in Dallas, owned and operated by Richard Rawlings & Aaron Kaufman.  I have not seen the show personally, but John says it is really funny and all about cars & motorcycles.  

Mr. Rawlings became a fan of John's Flickr page which he calls "CloseIn Motors."  The Flickr account briefly tells John's story saying, "I like to examine & experiment with the angles & color & line of older cars and motorcycles.  I don't own a classic car & am not what you'd call a classic car buff...but I truly appreciate the nuances of the interplay between color, light & line that you'll find only on somewhat older cars & sometimes motorcycles."  After Rawlings became a fan of John's photography, they made mutual contact on Facebook and that has led to the request for a piece to be displayed at the Gas Monkey Garage.

John tells me, "I don't know if it'll make it on TV or not, but I still think it's awful cool!  Thought you'd appreciate that as a fellow camera nut."  You are absolutely right, John.  I appreciate that as incredibly cool...and congratulate you.

Folks if you'd like to see John's intriguing camera work...click here for his Flickr account and check it out for yourself. You just might see his work some day soon on the Discovery Channel's "Fast & Loud!"  
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Location : Dallas