April 24, 2014
11:19 pm

Michigan Advances Green Jobs

More than 15,000 clean energy and clean transportation jobs were announced in the third quarter of 2013 and the state of Michigan is helping lead the way.  In fact, Michigan has moved up to fourth place in state rankings according to the quarterly report issued by Environmental Entrepreneurs, the independent business voice for the environment.

A pair of third-quarter project announcements by Ford Motor Company and Consumers Energy Company join the more than 80 clean energy and clean transportation jobs announcements nationwide, and help boost Michigan into the top five performers.  

California and Nevada were tops in the nation, followed by New York, then Michigan and the top five is rounded out by new projects in Texas.

Here in the Great Lakes State, Consumers Power Company has added more than 900 jobs following the launch of its energy efficiency programs, while Ford Motor Company revealed plans for more than 200 new workers for its electrification engineering squad.  

With the Wind Energy Production Tax Credit expiring soon, wind energy production industry sources are predicting a downturn in that sector going forward.  

Judith Albert is the executive director of Environmental Entrepreneurs and she says, "Clean energy continues to put Americans to work."  Top sectors for growth in the recent quarter were renewable power generation with 6,700 jobs announced, and manufacturing, with 3,300 jobs announced.
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