November 24, 2014
10:48 am

Introducing Frankie's Breakfast Club

After six months of hard work, market research, attention to detail, menu planning and more, the family of Pedro Rios II is finally ready to welcome us all in to their newest restaurant property on West Main Street in downtown Benton Harbor.  However, instead of sticking with the full-on Mexican fare of the rest of their stable of restaurants under the Rio's brand...Pedro tells me that the new place will be called Frankie's Breakfast Club.

Having closely monitored traffic patterns along the business loop downtown, and observing the dining choices being made by dozens of workers employed by neighboring businesses, Pedro says that his family has elected to broaden the menu to include standard American fare for breakfast while still keeping notable favorites such as breakfast burritos and the like.  Frankie's Breakfast Club will launch service 7-days a week beginning at 6am and will continue with lunch service until 3pm daily before closing up shop for the day.

Breakfast and lunch service will be maintained 7-days a week for now, but that may change to 6-day service pending the level of play that the restaurant gets from the dining public.  Pedro tells me that they will still offer signature items from the Rio's lineup such as burritos, nachos, and quesadillas...but you will also find sandwiches and other offerings from the new diner as well.  The restaurant will offer dine-in and take-out options for hungry customers.

Frankie's Breakfast Club has been coming together ever since the Rios family took possession of their lease in early July.  The windows were papered over for months in anticipation of the makeover which is now complete.  Berrien County Health Department Inspector Virgil Cimala made his inspection on Tuesday, will return for one final approval and the restaurant is targeting Thursday morning, December 5th for their opening salvo.  

The new diner is located at 325 West Main Street in Benton Harbor, across the street from the new Saranac Flats development which is also nearing completion.  

For the curious-minded, the Frankie's name comes from Pedro's son, Francisco, who beamed with pride when he told me that the business was named in his honor.  Best of luck to the entire Rios family on their latest venture in the world of hospitality here in Michigan's Great Southwest.  

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