September 19, 2014
9:47 am

Train Rides of 10,000 Lights!

Even Clark Griswold would be proud of the accomplishments of our friends at Eden Springs Park this Christmas.  Eden Springs Park at the House of David in Benton Charter Township is about to take some thunderstruck riders on the lighted train ride of a lifetime.

For the next two weekends, the venerable park with its historical miniature train will do everything in its power to wow happy train passengers like never before.  Janet Lagness is the park preservationist and she has been absolutely inundated with strings of Christmas lights ever since they put out a request for lights to be donated.  It started as kind of a lark, and then jokingly became the bid for 10,000 lights.  Well folks, let's just say it is "Mission Accomplished!"

Even before Thanksgiving the folks at Eden Springs Park, which is located at 793 M-139 in Benton Harbor, generous donors had dropped off more than 10,198 lights.  Every single bulb is being counted by Janet herself...and as I write this update for you she is reporting 10,446 lights now ready to turn night into day Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for the next two weekends running.

Train rides aboard the historical mini-train will run on this schedule:

  • Friday, December 6th from 6pm until 9pm
  • Saturday, December 7th from 5pm until 9pm
  • Sunday, December 8th from 4pm until 7pm
  • Friday, December 13th from 6pm until 9pm
  • Saturday, December 14th from 5pm until 9pm
  • Sunday, December 15th from 4pm until 7pm

Rides aboard the train will cost $3.00 each taking passengers around the quarter-mile track twice. A maximum of 22 riders per trip will be on board.  

Be sure to check out this spectacular seasonal favorite from Eden Springs Park...saving treasured artifacts and returning things to the sparkle and shine of yesteryear right here in Michigan's Great Southwest!
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