November 23, 2014
9:19 pm

Crankin' up for Christmas

Ken Kuespert never does anything little.  You may not realize it...but you've likely seen or heard Mr. Kuespert's handiwork in many a venue across Michigan's Great Southwest...and now you might want to specifically seek him out if Christmas lights are your kind of thing.

Ken is the President of TPC Technologies...that's a multi-faceted agency dealing with audio and video productions and set ups for everything from fireworks shows to live symphony performances, from rock n' roll concerts to golf clinics and seemingly everything in between.

When he isn't busy doing work for everybody else seeking his skills and talents and those of his TPC team, Ken has a Christmas-time hobby that will knock your socks off.  He rigs his home and yard on Bell Road in Niles for an incredible light display that even Clark Griswold Jr. could take a few cues from.  But it is way more than just lights.  This is synchronicity at its finest for a guy's front yard!

While it won't have nearly the same impact on you as being on site to witness the show first-hand, Ken's even got a website with a webcam that you can monitor to see the show at any time you'd like from the comfort of your home and hearth.  If you check it out in the middle of broad daylight when there's no action underway, you can even click on links to pre-recorded shows from the past.

To see what this whole love affair with Christmas is all about, click the link you see here for the webcam, the pre-recorded shows, a map showing you how to get there to see it in person, and even photos showcasing the set up process.  Enjoy!  Merry Christmas!
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Location : Michigan