November 25, 2014
9:43 pm

Busiest Days Still Ahead

While Black Friday is still the traditional sweepstakes winner for "Busiest Shopping Day of the Year," the reality of it all is that the last four days before Christmas, December 20th through the 24th will be among the 10 Busiest Shopping Days of the entire holiday season.

ShopperTrak is one of the leading providers of shopper analytics, and they are predicting that those final four days will be huge for retailers all across the nation.

A major part of the reasoning behind that prediction is the reduced holiday shopping period overall due to the lateness of the Thanksgiving holiday this year.  The holiday shopping period this year is pegged at 26 days...or literally one full week less than the 33-days enjoyed by both shoppers and retailers a year ago.

Despite that shortened period, ShopperTrak is expecting consumers to increase their spending over the holiday period by nearly 2-and-a-half-percent (2.4%).  

Add it all up and retailers are gearing up for a very competitive race to the cash register in hopes of garnering their fair share of the average of nearly $740.00 we are all expected to spend on "all things holiday" this year.  That conglomerate figure includes the decor, food for our feasts, and gifts to be given.  

This coming Saturday, December 14th also ranks very highly in the grand scheme of things, landing in 5th place on the Total Sales Rank...and 4th place on the Overall Traffic Rank from ShopperTrak.  

ShopperTrak was founded by Bill Martin and his public statement regarding the season says, "Some shopping days like Black Friday and Super Saturday (the final Saturday before Christmas) are always busy, but calendar changes affect each holiday season differently.  Because Christmas falls on a Wednesday this year, it will create its own mid-week momentum without compromising the typically high weekend shopper activity.  Retailers should anticipate such calendar shifts each year and prepare their marketing, labor and operations accordingly."

Here's how ShopperTrak ranks the Top 10 days this year for both Sales Rank and Traffic Rank:

  1. Friday, November 29th (Black Friday)
  2. Saturday, December 21st (Super Saturday)
  3. Sunday, December 22nd
  4. Friday, December 20th
  5. Saturday, December 14th
  6. Monday, December 23rd
  7. Thursday, December 26th (Day after Christmas)
  8. Saturday, December 30th
  9. Saturday, December 7th
  10. Saturday, December 28th

  1. Friday, November 29th (Black Friday)
  2. Saturday, December 21st (Super Saturday)
  3. Sunday, December 22nd
  4. Saturday, December 14th
  5. Thursday, December 26th (Day after Christmas)
  6. Saturday, November 30th
  7. Saturday, December 7th
  8. Sunday, December 15th
  9. Saturday, December 28th
  10. Friday, December 20th

For the record...the National Retail Federation has projected a nearly 4-percent (3.9%) increase for holiday sales this year over last.  
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