October 31, 2014
6:00 pm

112 and Counting

There are now 481 people in the local community who have a safe, decent, affordable place to call their own.  They have celebrated 4,089 Christmas mornings and birthdays in those new homes. They have posted more than 13,608 photos on their new Whirlpool refrigerators and logged 60,480 mornings preparing for school in a home that is not infested with mold! It's millions of smiles, hugs, laughter and tears from grateful Harbor Habitat Partner families, friends, staff and board members.  While it's highly unlikely that all of those people will be on hand...Harbor Habitat for Humanity will host dedication ceremonies for their final home built in 2013 this weekend.

On Saturday, December 14th at noon Harbor Habitat's Development Director Paul McCauley says his team's crew will turn out for what promises to be quite an event filled with emotion as they strive to improve the lives of not only the family earning another new home, but the many families in the area represented in thos numbers I just shared with you.

Thanks to the work and support of donors, volunteers, prayer partners, and family members Harbor Habitat has now erected 112 homes in Michigan's Great Southwest.

Friends, supporters and the public at large are all invited to the dedication ceremonies at noon on Saturday for this latest home in the Harbor Habitat line up.
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