March 27, 2015
7:54 am

Idoki Hits the Moon Shot

Neither a stiff wind at his back nor the threat of impending rain kept 2013 Senior PGA Champion Kohki Idoki from accepting the challenge presented to him in taking a shot at a makeshift green on the 5th tee at Harbor Shores. What could have come close to stemming that challenge however was either his real or feigned fear of heights as he stood atop a temporary "stage" on the roof of the new Inn at Harbor Shores currently nearing completion near the confluence of the St. Joseph and Paw Paw Rivers today.

Idoki bravely stepped up to a turf mat erected on the roof of The Inn some nine stories above the harbor and took a number of swings with varying clubs attempting to land his golf ball more than 200 yards away across the CSX railroad tracks and toward a temporary pin placement in the championship tee at hole number five at Harbor Shores.

With a freshly planted American flag whipping wildly in a strong wind at his back and TV cameras, video recorders, still photographers and cell phone cameras clicking just as frenetically in front of him, Idoki met the challenge at what was billed as "The Shot at the Inn" arranged by the PGA of America. His final shot landed near the pin, checked back and rolled off the front edge according to spotters with walkie talkies at the target communicating with the crew atop The Inn. Even the Alfred S. Bourne trophy that he won in St. Louis last spring made the trip to the roof in a construction crew elevator for the stunt which has become a tradition according to the team from PGA of America.

Earlier in the day, Idoki and his translator charmed a broad array of media members on hand at The Grille at Harbor Shores in a Fireside Chat with the PGA's Julius Mason. This morning Idoki got his first look at the tract at Harbor Shores playing the course at even par with Whirlpool's Jeff Noel, KitchenAid's Deb O'Connor, and PGA of America CEO Pete Bavacqua.

He got his biggest laugh of the day when asked to describe his opinion of Jack Nicklaus' undulating, sometimes multi-tiered greens at Harbor Shores by simpling waving his arms up and down, making a roly-poly movement to indicate the fast-track, roller-coaster nature of many of the greens on site.

The Japanese phenom returns in a little less than a month from now to defend his title in the 75th Senior PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid at Harbor Shores from May 22nd to the 25th.

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Location : St. Louis