December 21, 2014
7:44 am

The Kitchen is Closed

Myriad insurmountable issues have led to the closure of The American Kitchen on Lakeshore Drive at Shoreham. Owner and operator Angela Bayliss announced to her Facebook fans this evening that it was simply more than they could handle, and the end has arrived. She also holds out hope that she can resolve the issues by relocating to another site. 

The small diner which was launched in October of 2012 in the space that was the long time home to Dale's Donut Shop across the street from Bosch Braking Systems of St. Joseph had struggled on several occasions with mechanical issues and last Monday proved to be their final day.

Rumors had circulated on a food critics page as early as Monday, but calls to the restaurant were futile. One employee who demanded that I report nothing until I could speak to Angela, insisted that the restaurant was simply undergoing a deep cleaning process while the failure of a walk-in cooler was being resolved. At that time, Ms. Bayliss was out of town dealing with a family emergency according to the staff member working on the cleaning process.

Here is the message posted by Angela shortly after 8pm on Thursday, April 24th:

Hello to our friends, fans, and longtime supporters! The American Kitchen management team is sad to announce that due to issues beyond our control,Monday, April 21st was our final day of service on South Lakeshore Drive. After struggling with challenges presented by our current location (from electrical to plumbing and everything in between) we have decided to close this location with the hope we can resurface in a more acceptable location in the future. We are pleased with our accomplishments and proud of the many loyal fans we developed. We have been honored to be welcomed into your community and to have become a part of your weekly rituals. We cannot thank you enough for supporting us. We hope to be seeing you all soon.

The restaurant had become notable for its quality practice of local food sourcing and a desire to be the best in the business. I will work to keep you posted should Angela and her team find a new site in the future.