September 17, 2014
5:33 pm

New Name for Faithful Servants

Following more than a year of planning and preparation, what we have all known as the Samaritan Counseling Center of Benton Harbor will hence forth be known as Center[ed] on Wellness.

The unique new name coincides with the 40th Anniversary of Service Celebration being undertaken by the staff and board of trustees. In order to begin the year-long anniversary celebration, board members and staff have volunteered to deliver 40 beautiful May Day Baskets full of gorgeous flowers and goodies to the community. On May 1st, forty random businesses in Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren Counties will receive a special May Day basket as thanks for their dedicated and unique community work.

In mid-January of 1974, the Samaritan Counseling Center was born as a new non-denominational counseling program at the First Congregational Church in Benton Harbor. Former Whirlpool CEO Bud Gray and his wife donated the seed money to fund the start-up.

In its early years, the Samaritan Center could not bill insurance, as mental health was not a standard of insured services, so there was no coverage. As a result, counseling fees were paid for by doing volunteer work for various local civic groups.

Now 40 years later, the Samaritan Center has logged more than 150,000 hours of professional counseling in the region, to more than 3,500 men, women and children engaged in individual, couples, family, and group counseling sessions.

To honor the original mission-driven dedication of providing professional services that help to find a balance between spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and relational elements, the board has refocused itself on prioritizing wholistic counseling services. The new Center[ed] on Wellness name highlights the innovative approach to total behavioral wellness.

Bruce Nitz is the President of the Board. He says, "We will continue to embrace a cohesive community effort by combining area services and partnering with local non-profit agencies and businesses in SW Michigan so we can effectively treat total behavioral wellness with a wholistic approach, focusing on the client."

Kim Forsey is Executive Director of Center[ed] on Wellness. She says, "The immediate future will bring enhanced services in personalized counseling, personal and professional coaching, consulting, education, and prevention. From groups tackling specific topics, specific gender, health or age concerns, to classes educating clients on a variety of wellness topics, we will constantly listen to the needs of each client and find collaborative partners for their total behavioral wellness."

Center[ed] on Wellness offers out-patient counseling for more than 60 different identified services ranging from anxiety, depression, and child or parenting problems, to addiction, PTSD, and geriatric issues.

You can reach Center[ed] on Wellness by dialing 269-926-6199 or online at
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