December 18, 2014
5:20 pm

St. Paul Super Sale

They only do it twice a year, but the timing is impeccable for M.A. Hadley Pottery fans in the region looking for a Mother's Day gift option. St. Paul's Episcopal Church at the corner of Lane & Morton Avenues in St. Joseph will bring the beloved potter's creations back to town for their Spring Show & Sale.

The semi-annual showing will take place Saturday, May 10th at the church just in time for an excellent line up of Mother's Day gifts, upcoming spring and summer weddings, graduation day, birthdays, anniversaries, and even end-of-the-school year gifts for special teachers. Even gift certificates will be available in any amount during the sale.

The hand-painted, under-glaze pottery is available in a broad array of patterns and various scenes including Nautical, Traditional, and County with its many farm scenes. Hadley has even introduced a new line of children's dishes featuring woodland creatures, and a new line of personalized girl and boy plates.

Perhaps best of all, according to sale coordinator Peggy McAllister, St. Paul's will offer in-stock items at 2006 prices, with an extensive stock of dinnerware, accessories, and decorative items available. Remember, too, that any item may be personalized with the name and/or date for a very special gift.

Proceeds, as always, from the big sale continue to fund church and community projects at St. Paul's as has been the case for more than fifty years now. If you're unable to make the sale running that Saturday morning until noon, you can call Peggy at 983-5337 to arrange for selections at other times.
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