April 27, 2015
9:59 pm

BH Cracks Down on Illegal Dumping

If Benton Harbor Mayor James Hightower has his way illegal dumping will become a thing of the past in his city. In his Weekly Video Update to the citizens of Benton Harbor today, the Mayor issues a stern warning to all illegal dumpers. He says that the city is stepping up its efforts to stem the problem and promises that if you engage in such activity you will be caught and you will be prosecuted. Motion-sensing video cameras will be set up at problematic dumping zones in the city and the Mayor calls on people to report such activity when they see it taking place.

The crackdown comes on the heels of a successful city-wide clean up over the past weekend for which the Mayor says the city is grateful to the army of volunteers who helped clean things up. He goes on later in the YouTube video update (Episode 14) to address his plans for neighborhood recovery and development through collaboration and cooperation between citizens, churches and both public and private sector agencies with community based services.

Hightower wants the city to "set the bar high" to help overcome risks for family decay, poverty and the like. He cites tremendous progress against blight, but says he won't rest easy until he reaches his goal of "not one single blighted property left anywhere in the city." His goal is additional affordable market-rate housing like that in the Harbor Town neighborhood, even if they have to accomplish it one block at a time.

You can watch the 3:30-minute YouTube video right now by clicking this link:
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