April 25, 2015
7:15 pm

Help Plan the Future for SJ Township

How would you like to help plot the future of St. Joseph Charter Township? A Steering Committee established to help guide community discussion throughout the update process for the community's Master Plan is now recruiting input.

In Michigan, Townships are required by law to review and update their Master Plan -- a blueprint for future development and land use -- every five years. That process is now getting underway following assembly of a Steering Committee in January of this year. Members of that committee were carefully selected to include a cross-section of the community's residents. The specific role of the Steering Committee is not to come up with solutions, rather it is to gather information from residents of the Township regarding wishes for, issues with, and goals for the community at large. The resulting recommendations will be forwarded to the St. Joseph Charter Township Board of Trustees for their consideration in adopting a finalized Master Plan.

The Steering Committee is hosting a public workshop on Thursday, May 15th at 6:30pm at the Township's municipal hall at 3000 Washington Avenue.

This is your opportunity to become involved in creating a shared vision of the community. That vision will aid the trustees in land use and development decisions for the next 20-to-30 years. Master Plan issues such as community identity, housing, and commercial & recreational development will be discussed. The resulting Master Plan is intended to guide development and lend preservation in the Township.

The planning process will consist of three major phases -- Community Engagement, Study & Analysis, and Master Plan Documentation. The process will be implemented over the next three years. The Township's engineering firm, Wightman & Associates, is assisting the Master Plan Steering Committee through the steps.

The Community Engagement phase will consist of two public workshops and a survey, in which you are encouraged to share your thoughts as a resident. Feedback is necessary to ensure the Township's position as the best township in Southwest Michigan.

If you'd like to be a part of the process, join the team at 6:30pm on May 15th to discuss the direction of St. Joseph Charter Township's future.
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