January 18, 2017
8:55 am

Lakeland Ready to Help Serious Weight Loss

If you're tipping the scales far more than you anticipated following your Christmas cookie and egg nog binging, you can always do the ritualistic New Year's resolution to lose that nasty extra baggage...or you can get real about it, and undertake a more serious -- and likely considerably more successful -- approach with the team at Lakeland Health. 

Beginning January 10, Lakeland Outpatient Nutrition Services will offer a new year-round weight management program “myWeigh to Health” that provides support, accountability, information, and the tools to successfully build healthy habits that promote long-term weight management.

Held in an interactive supportive group environment, myWeigh to Health features weekly weigh-ins, expertise from certified health professionals, and a weekly challenge to practice new skills. Classes will be held every Tuesday from 5:30 to 6:30pm at the Center for Outpatient Services, located at 3900 Hollywood Road in St. Joseph.

Danielle Fiskars is a Registered Dietitian at Lakeland Health. She says, “Instead of providing rules for weight loss, rigid calorie and fat gram counting, we focus on the key information needed to improve nutrition and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.” As Fiskars points out, “This unique lifestyle approach focuses on helping participants achieve their goals – whether it's weight loss, weight maintenance, or simply optimizing their health.”

Cost is $320 semi-annually which includes two individual consultations with a registered dietitian; $165 per quarter which includes one individual consultation with a registered dietitian; $50 per month; or $15 per week. For more information, call (269) 556-7171 or email livewell@lakelandhealth.org.

The alternative plan to a less rigorous, often half-hearted, attempt to establish a New Year's resolution that evaporates long before the weight does brings more serious hope to those who are truly committed to making a lifestyle change rather than a belt-notch attempt. 
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