January 18, 2017
8:56 am

MSU Extension Horticultural Days Set

Guys like Mark Longstroth and Bill Shane don't get the luxury of kicking back and putting their feet up just because the fields, orchards and vineyards dotting the landscape of Michigan's Great Southwest are hibernating under a layer of fresh snowfall. As Fruit Educators and key players in the Michigan State University Extension system, Longstroth, Shane and their colleagues are busy with research year round, but also working to keep the agricultural community of our region on the cutting edge with tools and techniques to protect their crops and help them to flourish.

During the winter season, one of those key opportunities is coming up for the agricultural community locally in the form of the 2017 Southwest Michigan Horticultural Days on February 1st and 2nd at the Lake Michigan College Mendel Center in Benton Harbor.

The SW Michigan Horticultural Days are sponsored jointly by the Michigan State University Extension and the Michigan Grape Society. The two day event features a trade show, raffle prizes, and critical production issue discussions on multiple fronts. 

While the trade show is hosted in the Grand Upton Hall at the Mendel Center, the production issue discussions will be led by MSU Extension educators, fruit growers and university researchers. All sessions will include RUP credits for attendees. The educational sessions are divided into several topics including:
  • General
  • Vegetable
  • Tree Fruit
  • Blueberry
  • Wine
  • Grape

Topics of the discussions will includes the likes of:
  • Cover Cropping
  • Soil Conservation
  • Pest Management Practices
  • Horticultural Practices
  • Labor
  • Regulations

The trade show and registration will open at 8am, with educational sessions beginning at 9am. Interested parties can pre-register by mail for $45 while on-site registration runs $60.00. Informational mailing and registration forms were sent out to those who have attended past such shows, however, those who didn't get one or misplaced it can download a registration form online. Calls can also be placed to Allen Zelmer to request a registration form be mailed by dialing 269-870-5265.

Hot lunch is included in the price of registration. While the event is geared toward horticultural producers in the region, the public is always welcome as well. 

Here's a link to the registration form:
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