ADA-compliant parking coming to Lake Boulevard in downtown St. Joseph

The city of St. Joseph is going to be adding some ADA compliant parking spaces along the bluff downtown. At a meeting this week, Public Works Director Greg Grothous told city commissioners the spaces would be on the west side of Lake Boulevard to provide access to Lake Bluff Park. There is currently no ADA parking there.

“It’s important to have accessibility for the Krasl Art Fair, we’ve had a lot of people visiting the farmers market, the Artisan Fair, Antiques [on the Bluff], and all the other activities we have on the bluff,” Grothous said.

Grothous said while there are ADA spaces across the street, they’re not close enough to the park without barriers for the park to be considered ADA accessible. The project he proposed would create four ADA compliant spaces. There would be one on the south side of Ship Street, one on the south side of Pleasant Street, one on the north side of Elm Street, and a parallel space with a loading area across from Market Street. Commissioners approved the project at a cost of $63,000. Grothous said they aim to have the new spaces in before a Lake Boulevard resurfacing project next year.


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