Armed Gunmen Hold Up St. Joseph AGO Station Overnight

Two armed gunmen robbed the AGO gasoline service station in downtown St. Joseph just minutes before 2am today and apparently escaped with an undetermined amount of cash. The service station is barely one block away from St. Joseph Police Headquarters at City Hall.

The service station and convenience store located at 220 Main Street across from the U.S. Post Office downtown was held up at gunpoint by the pair and police responded at 1:57 this morning with the St. Joseph Department of Public Safety first on the scene, backed up St. Joseph Township Police, the Berrien County Sheriff's Department and Michigan State Police.

Steve Neubecker from the St. Joseph Department of Public Safety says the first suspect in the case is a "light-skinned black male with curly short hair." He is believed to be in his teens to early 20's, and was wearing a gray hooded Nike sweatshirt, gray sweat pants and black shoes.

The second suspect is described as "a dark skinned black male with short hair." He, too, is believed to be in his teens to early 20's and was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black sweat pants and white shoes.

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Authorities are asking for anyone with information to contact the St. Joseph Department of Public Safety.

Below is a surveillance photo of one of the robbers:

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