Art Fair Parking Restrictions & Street Closures Identified for Weekend Ahead

In order to pave the way for a smooth transition by nationally renowned artists showcasing their works in the 57th Annual Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff, some parking restrictions and road closures will be going into effect beginning early Friday afternoon. You might want to take note of them in case they impact your maneuverability at that time.

Deputy Director Steve Neubecker from the St. Joseph Department of Public Safety says that starting Friday, July 13th, Lake Boulevard from Ship Street to Park Street will be closed at 1pm, along with the western half of the 500 block of Broad Street and Elm Street and City Lot #5 just north of the Curious Kids Museum until Sunday evening July 15th.

Early in the morning on Saturday, July 14th, City Lot #1, located at the northeast corner of the Broad and Lake Street intersection, will be reserved for handicap parking and sponsors of the festival until Sunday evening.

The following parking lots will also be closed both Saturday and Sunday early for artist parking and then opened at 10am both days for general parking:

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  • City Parking Lot #3 at the corner of Ship Street & Lake Boulevard
  • City Parking Lot #7 at the NE corner of State Street & Elm
  • City Parking Lot #4 at the NW corner of State Street & Elm and the eastern half of the 500 block of Elm Street

Two and three hour parking enforcement will be suspended from Friday, July 13th through Sunday, July 15th.

The Art Fair neighborhood "No Parking" zones will be in effect from Saturday, July 14th through Sunday, July 15th. The "No Parking" zone is bordered by Broad Street to the north, Sutherland Avenue and Hoyt Streets to the south, Lake Boulevard to the west and Wayne Street to the east. Streets running north-south will have "No Parking" on the east side of the streets, and streets running east-west will have "No Parking" on the south sided of the streets.

Art Fair goers are encouraged to use Shuttle Buses due to the limited parking availability. Shuttle Buses are located at Kelley's Bowl at Cleveland Avenue just off of Lakeshore Drive and in the Renaissance Business Center at Edgewater located north of the St. Joe River off of Momany Drive from M-63 in St. Joseph.

Also, a key reminder from St. Joseph Public Safety officials that NO PETS will be allowed anywhere in the Art Fair along the Bluff.

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