Art Hop in Benton Harbor tonight


The Benton Harbor Arts District is prepping for its annual summer art hop, featuring local artists, artisans, musicians, and more this weekend.

Since the late 90s, the Benton Harbor Arts Association has made it a goal to highlight the community through art and show people how vibrant the Arts District is.

Nick Gunn, organizer of the event, said it’s a great time to meet different people from Southwest Michigan.

“It brings you down to the Arts District and you know you have all the time in the world, just going to different businesses you may have never gone into before and get acquainted with the district,” Gunn said. “Hopefully, they’ll come back and visit.”

On Friday night, the evening will be filled local businesses and artists who come together to showcase their talents and the vibrant happenings of our downtown Arts District. From 5 to 8 p.m., community members will get a chance to visit 14 different businesses that will feature talented artists showcasing stunning art, and more entertainment.”

“We want to show people in surrounding areas that the arts district is a vibrant community in Benton Harbor and we want to highlight that as much as possible. And by doing these events — we’ve been doing them for a long time — it just shows different people from around Southwest Michigan what Benton Harbor is all about.”

The event will take place at Arts District downtown this coming Friday. For more information, visit


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