Berrien County Corporate Counsel Resigns

Not only will Berrien County need to find a new Administrator following the planned departure of Bill Wolf, they now have another vacancy to fill following today’s resignation of Corporate Counsel James T. McGovern.

McGovern has issued a statement today regarding his decision to leave.  Here’s what he had to say:

For the last five years I have been employed as the Berrien County Corporate Counsel. Working for Berrien County, and its officials and employees, has been a great experience – both professionally and personally – and it provided me with a sense of pride that can only be acquired while working in the service of the public.  

During my employment as the County’s attorney I consistently provided legal advice that served to protect both the Berrien County Government and the public trust. As an attorney I have the duty to advocate for my client’s interests while upholding the duty to honor my profession’s code of ethics; additionally, and most important, I have a duty to protect and uphold the public trust.  When circumstances arise that create conflicts between any or all of those duties, it is not an option to sacrifice one for the benefit of another.      

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Therefore, I am resigning from the position of Berrien County Corporate Counsel effective March 15, 2020.      

Over the last half-decade I have seen first-hand why the Berrien County Government is considered a leading example of innovative and effective governance. It is an organization that, at its core, is led by dedicated and knowledgeable employees who selflessly provide their services for the benefit of the citizens of this County.      

I want to thank the Board, the employees of Berrien County, and the citizens of this county for allowing me to be part of the Berrien County Government and to serve you over the last five years.    

James T. McGovern

McGovern has been in the role since replacing Donna Howard who was elected as a District Judge in November of 2014. Stay tuned.