Bridgman Fed Up With N. Church Rail Crossing Condition

After getting nowhere for more than a year, officials in the City of Bridgman are turning to the general public for help in resolving a key rail crossing in their community which is in clearly critical condition due to broken concrete, making it a potential safety hazard, and at the very least a nuisance for anyone crossing.

The Bridgman Police Department posted photos from a year ago and from this morning showing the condition of the CSX Rail Crossing on N. Church Street in the community of Bridgman.

Both the city and the police department have made calls to CSX, “to no avail,” according to the Facebook post by the Bridgman Police Department.

The post goes on to say, “We’re hoping the residents & citizens will join us in calling CSX (see phone number below along with the crossing I.D. #) to complain. Hopefully, they will take some corrective action if they receive enough calls.”

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The CSX phone number, as shown in the photo, is 1-800-232-0144, and the crossing number is 234848L.

I reached out to Bridgman Police Chief Dan Unruh, who tells me that, “After complaining to CSX last year about the condition of this particular crossing on N. Church Street, crews did respond & ‘patched’ some of the larger holes. Since then, the fill has sunk lower and the holes are again dangerous to drive over. We have called & contacted CSX again this year about the deteriorating condition with no response from them.”

Chief Unruh adds, “When we had the same issues on the Lake Street crossing last year, our residents and citizens contacted CSX because we (the City) could not get any type of response as well. We’re hoping if enough residents & motorists contact CSX about the dangerous conditions, they will repair the crossing.”

Stay tuned as to whether the power of the people prevails.