CES 19 Ushers in Yummly’s Official Roll-Out Across Multiple Whirlpool Corp Brands

When Benton Harbor-based Whirlpool acquired the food technology company Yummly back in 2017, they did so with plans for a vision to bring more to the kitchens of the world than appliances. This week at the massive consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, they will propel the digital transformation as they introduce expansion of Yummly smart-cooking technology across their compatible appliances from both Whirlpool and KitchenAid brands.

Brett Dibkey is Whirlpool’s Vice President of Brand & Strategy for North America. He says, “This roll-out is consistent with our vision that the act of cooking no longer starts with preheating the oven.” Dibkey notes, “Cooking has evolved to be more digital and multimodal – Yummly offers a platform to meet this trend head-on, with technology that removes friction from every stage of the cooking process.”

Yummly smart cooking technology marries first-in-class food content with connected kitchen appliances. Its smart capabilities cover all steps in the cooking process – from recipe inspiration and grocery shopping to ingredient preparation and cooking techniques. Capabilities such as those are already available with Whirlpool brand appliances, and in 2019 they are rolling out across Whirlpool Corporation’s KitchenAid brand as well – including smart microwaves and wall ovens.

Additionally, new capabilities are coming, including Ingredient Recognition for detecting select ingredients, Yummly Pro, and voice commands for select recipes, which allow the user to interact with the recipe without having to touch their phone or tablet. (Ingredient Recognition detects select ingredients based on image data captured by your device. Detection accuracy may vary based on conditions.)

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Meanwhile, Yummly’s Chief Operating Officer, Masiar Tayebi says, “Yummly’s launch across Whirlpool and KitchenAid brands expands its presence to more Whirlpool Corporation products than ever before,” and adds,  “The roll-out marks a turning point in how people will interact with their kitchen appliances, and is a sign the once-imagined kitchen of the future has become the kitchen of today.”

Whirlpool Corporation will also highlight other upcoming Yummly-branded features within its booth at CES 2019. Included is Yummly Pro, which dishes up cooking curricula to help users gain confidence in the kitchen and features well-known celebrity chefs and influencers curating engaging exclusive content such as guided recipes and e-learning courses. Yummly’s convenient in-app, step-by-step Guided Recipe video tutorials will also be on display, with select recipes.  Such recipes connect to select Whirlpool ovens and – coming soon – select KitchenAid ovens to set temperatures, settings, cook time and more right from your device.

From January 8-11, CES attendees can get up close to all of Whirlpool Corporation’s innovations at booth #41925 in the Smart Home section, located at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas.

For more information on the corporation’s products and to join the conversation, follow #ConnectToMore #CES2019.

Yummly, founded by David Feller and Vadim Geshel in 2009, is a leading digital platform (mobile and web) for personalized recipes and cooking resources. Since Yummly’s inception, it has been active in the digital kitchen and connecting users to the recipes they love. From recipe recommendations to handy tools and helpful videos, Yummly has everything needed to improve life in the kitchen every step of the way. The company, headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, uses patented technology and proprietary data to understand food and taste, making it the best source for recipes tailored to specific taste preferences. For more information, visit www.yummly.com.