Cook Plant Refueling Delayed 24Hrs By Grid Emergency

An emergency situation on the regional power grid for American Electric Power has forced Cook Plant operators to postpone the start of their Unit 2 refueling outage by 24 hours.

Cook Plant spokesman Bill Downey says that around 5:45pm Tuesday evening, Indiana Michigan Power Company’s nuclear team received a call from AEP System Operators advising that PJM, the regional transmission organization that operates the power grid for American Electric Power’s northernmost power generating system, that a Maximum Generation Emergency had been issued.

The Emergency Declaration actually had nothing to do with the Cook Plant, it stems from the fact that guidelines for a Maximum Generation Emergency ask that all generating units within the system that are online remain online in order to maintain a stable power supply to the grid.

Downey says, “To comply with the request, Cook and AEP management made the decision to implement a 24-hour delay for refueling the Cook Unit 2 reactor from its original start time of 10:00 pm, Tuesday, October 1st. The outage will now begin at 10:00 pm tonight, Wednesday, October 2nd.”

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At full capacity, Cook Plant’s 1,084-net MW Unit 1 and 1,194-net MW Unit 2 combined produce enough electricity for more than one and one half million average homes. Indiana Michigan Power is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Electric Power.