Dave Martin Transitions to New Martin Maintenance & Repair Enterprise

Back on Friday, Dave Martin wrapped up ten years of service to the team at Honor Credit Union first as a subcontracted maintenance technician, and for the past five years as Facilities Manager. Today, on the flip-side of a busy weekend, that same Dave Martin launches a whole new exciting career as owner and operator of his own business enterprise, Martin Maintenance and Repair which will service Michigan’s Great Southwest and Northwest Indiana in a broad array of “fixing things.”

Saying simply, “We can fix that!” Martin is putting his decades of fixing experience to work for anyone in need of a variety of services for both residential and commercial applications from home repair and carpentry to diagnostic services, on-site welding and fabrication and well beyond.

On his new website, launched over the weekend, Dave says, “As a Southwest Michigan Native, I’ve served the Michiana community in the field of maintenance and repair for the last two decades.” He adds, “I am a Licensed Builder in the state of Michigan and my professional background and experience includes carpentry work, maintenance technician services, and the role of facilities management including the following:


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  • Beauchamp Construction, 2002-2006
  •  E.C. Moore Construction, 2007-2010

Maintenance Technician

  • E.C. Moore Construction, 2011-2015

Facilities Manager

  • Honor Credit Union, 2015-2020

For the team at Honor, Dave managed vendors and facilities coordinators to serve the maintenance and repair needs of all 24 Honor Credit Union locations across Southwest Michigan as well as their branches in the Upper Peninsula

It goes well beyond that, however, as Dave tells us online, “In addition to commercial and real estate maintenance and repair, I am a skilled automotive technician with ASE Training in automotive engines. Diesel performance is a hobby of mine, allowing me to personally build every component of my truck. This hobby most recently led to the opportunity to compete on a national level in multiple events including The Ultimate Callout Challenge.”

His new business, officially getting underway today, is appropriately named Martin Maintenance and Repair, as he offers practical solutions for a myriad of situations. He says, “We offer a wide range of professional maintenance and repair services for both residential and commercial clients, as well as automotive maintenance and repair.”

Here’s the listing of Professional Maintenance and Repair Services showcased on his website:


  • Home Repair
  • Carpentry
  • Diagnostic Services
  • On-Site Welding and Fabrication
  • Business Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Practical Engineering Solutions
  • On-Site Equipment Servicing and Repair
  • Property Management


  • Diagnostic Services
  • On-Site Construction Equipment Servicing and Repair
  • On-Site Automotive Repair
  • Automotive Performance Fabrication

After celebrating his years of service to Honor Credit Union at the end of the week last week, Dave stepped seamlessly into his new business with a simple message, “I continue to call Southwest Michigan home and look forward to serving you in your commercial, residential, or automotive maintenance and repair needs.”

You can reach Dave by phone at 574.250.4662, and online at this link:  https://www.themartinfix.com/