Expansion at Pipestone Indoor Golf Simulator Facility

One of the unique businesses in Benton Harbor’s Arts District is Pipestone Indoor CC, a golf simulator facility that launched a few months before the pandemic began.  Co-owners Adam Lester and Dustin Lester have used the “on again, off again” restrictions on indoor public gatherings as an opportunity to test new aspects of their business, and, recently, to expand their facility for an anticipated uptick in traffic during the coming off-season for conventional outdoor golf.

Adam Lester tells us, “Over the course of the summer we were able to secure funding to expand from two simulator suites to three. This will help us accommodate more customers over the course of the winter, as we have turned away a substantial amount of business in the busy season during our first two years in operation.”

Adam says it was no small project!  “The expansion/renovation includes a new Golfzon Vision Premium simulator with additional GDR software which expands the training functionality available to our golfers. Work also involved the construction of the third room to accommodate that system, and functional renovations to our two existing suites.”

Pipestone Indoor CC has been operating on a limited basis during the Summer.  Adam says now they are gearing up for increased golf activity.  “All work should be complete and we should be back to full capacity at the beginning of September.”

Pipestone Indoor CC is also now able to offer a time-honored tradition of the links:  adult beverages.  Adam says, “We also began serving alcohol near the end of last spring when we acquired a liquor license. Between the expansion, and ability to sell drinks, we look forward to a busy winter and offering people more opportunities to seize the game at Pipestone Indoor CC. ”

.In the short term, Adam says, they are still booking tee times:  The best way to book is on our website www.pipestoneindoor.com,  Summer rates ($30/Hour all day every day) are still in effect until the end of August. They can also call (269)363-4038.”


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