Honor Credit Union Donates Endowment to Berrien Community Foundation

If anyone understands the power behind leveraged dollars, a major credit union certainly does, and with that in mind, the team at Honor Credit Union has announced plans to donate the institution’s endowment fund to the Berrien Community Foundation to leverage it for an even greater good.

The Honor Credit Union Foundation said today they are proud to donate their endowment fund as a gift to the Berrien Community Foundation’s Community Endowment Fund, saying, “By combining the balance of $27,461.12 with the larger funds held by the Berrien Community Foundation, we determined that the funds could be leveraged to provide more value to the community.”

The Berrien Community Foundation is a valued partner of Honor, assisting with the credit union’s charitable efforts. Regarding the donation, BCF President Lisa Cripps-Downey, says, “This is such a wonderful and generous gift that will serve the community for generations to come. It truly reflects Honor Credit Union’s commitment to our area as gifts to the BCF Community Endowment are used to support a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. This gift will forever improve lives throughout Berrien County.”

Over the last year, the Honor Credit Union Foundation, managed by volunteer Honor CU Team Members, combined the efforts of their foundation with the community investment and charitable activities of its member centers. Moving forward, the foundation’s mission will be to concentrate on financial health and services with the establishment of Summit Financial Wellness, an independent organization supported by Honor Credit Union. Honor’s Vice President of Marketing, Kaylee Ganus says, “The Berrien Community Foundation is such a wonderful community partner to Honor. We are excited to see the good they are able to continue to accomplish through their Community Endowment Fund.”

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