Honor Credit Union Tells Buchanan Community, “Come Be Part Of It”

Honor Credit Union's branding message of "Come Be Part of It" will have substantially increased meaning to the people of Buchanan early next year thanks to the decision by the credit union to open a new branch in that community.

Honor Credit Union announced this morning plans to open a branch location in Buchanan, which is a community they’ve been supporting through various channels for many years. The new branch will make it easier for community members and businesses to access their accounts with a convenient location right downtown.

Within walking distance from many of Buchanan’s restaurants and shops, Honor’s new branch will be located at 117 N. Red Bud Trail across from the Duck Pond and Lehman’s Farm House. Plans for the new branch are currently under design and the Honor team is optimistic that doors will open early in 2019.

Honor Credit Union CEO Scott McFarland says, “Whether it’s been bringing volunteers to Thrill On The Hill, sponsoring floor hockey teams, or supporting the Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce, Buchanan has been a great community partner of Honor’s for years.” McFarland adds, “We are excited to bring the increased convenience of a local branch to our Buchanan members and look forward to getting to know new friends in this growing community.”

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Many of Honor Credit Union’s team members call Buchanan home, including Karol Behrle, who will be leading the new branch in addition to her current role as Honor’s Berrien Springs Branch Manager. More information about Honor Credit Union’s newest branch in Buchanan, including how the community can join the Honor family even before doors open, is coming soon.

Honor Credit Union currently serves more than 80,000 members across the state of Michigan. The driving force of "Providing Solutions for Financial Success," while giving back to the communities they serve keeps Honor Credit Union growing every day. For additional information you can call 800.442.2800, or visit www.honorcu.com.

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