Houndstooth Restaurant Will Remain Open During Pipestone Reconstruction

The 2020 challenge train just continues to chug for some people, and such is the case for the fine folks at Benton Harbor’s renowned Houndstooth Restaurant on Pipestone just off of Main Street in the downtown district.

While ultimately this latest disruption will mean great things going forward, the reconstruction of Pipestone directly in front of Houndstooth will make it a bit more of a challenge for patrons to make their way in for great dining experiences.

Nevertheless, James & Cheyenne Galbraith, owners and operators of the unique fine dining experience at Houndstooth want you to know that they will be there throughout the process, ready to serve up a fine meal for you and your family and friends.

Reconstruction of Pipestone has been launched, and the road may be in chaos for a while as a result, but Cheyenne says, “Houndstooth will remain open during the duration of the road work and will do our best to keep guests updated on the most direct route to the building.”

She points out that there is street parking accessible from Colfax Avenue off of Main Street that will take you to Wall Street, where there is ample parking for dinner guests along the streets near the construction zone.

Additionally, for those who are not aware, at the end of July Houndstooth added a back patio that has extended seating capacity. That patio will stay open as long as the weather holds out and is mild. The patio is equipped with heaters and an awning that creates a very European outdoor dining feel, so don’t give up. The journey to Houndstooth is well worth the little extra effort to find your way through the construction process, so check it out.


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