It’s Not Too Late to Start Your Garden – Planting Season is Finally Here!

Over the course of our 40 years in business on Napier Avenue in Benton Harbor, we’ve typically been able to predict that the majority of our customers will come to Flowerland in the middle of May to pick out items so they can get started on their gardens.  However, this year, consistently warm spring weather didn’t start until the last week of May.  With several instances of near-winter weather that could have damaged plants, our customers have been cautious about starting their gardens in May like usual.  Actually, what gave us the idea for this article were numerous customers coming in and asking if it’s too late to plant or if they’re finally safe from harsh Michigan “spring” weather.  However, now that it’s June, things are starting to warm up, and soil is starting to dry out, which means it’s finally time to get started on gardens, flowerbeds, planters, and anything your gardening heart desires!  Since we know you’ve been anxiously waiting, we’ve made sure to keep Flowerland stocked full with vibrant flowers and plants, just as our customers always expect, with new stock continuing to come in.  Take a look below to see the variety of plants we currently offer – We strive to carry the most unique and beautiful flowers and plants that you just can’t find anywhere else in the area.

Through rigorous inspection, we hand-select the best hanging baskets for you so you don’t have to weed through items that aren’t up to your standards or ours.  As a small family-run business, we take more pride than most in every plant in stock, taking care of them as if they were our own children (Sidenote: We don’t water our children unless it’s a hot day, but you get the idea).  We bring in only the best plants from our trusted, premium growers that we’ve been going to for decades. Our main criteria for selecting quality flowers and plants is:  1) Does this fit our standard of quality our customers have come to expect? 2) Is this distinctively beautiful or something that’s difficult to find elsewhere in our area?  We love when our customers ask, “What is this?” because that means we’ve found something out of the ordinary for them.

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Having a name like Flowerland, some people only expect us to have flowers, but we have a plethora of vegetables and herbs to get your garden started off right.  Being tomato fanatics ourselves, we have over 50 varieties of tomatoes, a selection that our customers count on year after year.  We also have a huge variety of peppers, squash, cucumbers, melons, eggplant, tomatillos, onions, cabbages, kales, and more than 60 kinds of herbs!  Due to the cold, wet weather, we haven’t even started our gardens yet this year, but we’re definitely looking forward to planting a lush variety of plants and herbs this June!

With Flowerland being known for carrying only the highest quality flowers, it’s a no brainer for us to carry Proven Winners – We actually have aisle after aisle of them!  Proven Winners plants live up to their name in every way by being some of the most vibrant plants that absolutely thrive through the toughest conditions summer can throw at them. We are proud to carry them and provide a huge selection of Proven Winners accent plants to use in pots and gardens, beautiful hanging baskets and combination planters, as well as perennials and shrubs that will give you years of beauty and enjoyment.

In past years, we’ve carried some succulents at Flowerland, but this year we’ve truly upped our succulent game due to popular demand by our customers.  Succulents are great dry-weather plants that require very little water and less care so if you have consistently been a bad plant parent, these are for you!  We have over 20 varieties of succulents this year, and they’re going fast so if succulents are your thing, come see us!

At Flowerland, we are one of the few places in the area with a pond plants section.  We have water lettuce, water hyacinth, and other marginal plants that can be put in the pond like elephant ears, cypress grass, and juncus grass.

So take a deep breath of relief, it’s finally safe to start your garden!  If you have any questions about plants to get your garden started, our family has been in the plant business for 40 years, and we know all there is to know about caring for your garden.  We owe much of our success to our reputation for providing flowers and plants of the highest quality, but another reason we’ve been here for over 4 decades is we are known for the knowledge we pass down to our customers to ensure their gardening success. One of our favorite compliments from our loyal customers is that our flowers and plants just seem to last longer than plants from anywhere else.  So if you’re not sure how to care for it, just ask, and we’re happy to help you have a garden that surpasses all of your neighbors.

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