Kelly Clarkson Show Takes Notice Of Watervliet School Drive

Watervliet’s South Elementary School has gone viral online for a project it did to show students the benefits of helping those in need, and now it’s gotten the attention of the Kelly Clarkson Show. Clarkson this week showed video taken at the school when it did a cereal drive.

“They asked the kids to collect cereal boxes to donate to the local food bank, but before they delivered the cereal, the teachers assembled the boxes in a line down multiple hallways in the school, and with the kids watching, they demonstrated how compassion really can create a domino effect,” Clarkson said.

The video shows all the 1,094 boxes of cereal lined up throughout the school’s hallways like dominoes. Then they were set off. Clarkson said Pilot Pen was donating $1,000 to Watervliet Public Schools for its inspiring efforts.

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