Lake Michigan College Fab Lab Offering Summer Camps, Workshops

Just because many events, sports outings and other entertainment happenings have been sidelined by the coronavirus this summer doesn’t mean that you and your kids have to sit around moping about nothing to do. The creative juices are flowing at Lake Michigan College and there are lots of opportunities to get in on the action in the community Fab Lab in the coming weeks.

Lake Michigan College is offering a variety of summer camps and workshops for kids and adults in the community Fab Lab on the Napier Campus in Benton Harbor and through online sourcing.

Digital arts camps are offered in partnership with Black Rocket Productions and designed for kids ages 8-14 of any experience level.

Events are offered online and in-person. In-person events will require mask-wearing by students and instructors, following social distancing recommendations and equipment will be sanitized before and after every use.

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For more information and to register, visit this link: 

Here’s what you’ll find on the docket this summer:

Fab Lab 101: Laser Engravers, Wood Lathes, 3D Printing

Monday July 13, 1-4 pm

Get familiar with the laser cutters and engravers, wood shop, vinyl cutters, 3D printing and sewing departments within the LMC Fab Lab. Workshops include Wooden Pen Making and Laser Engraved Wine Glasses. Cost: $30

Make Your Own Cloth Masks

Tuesday, July 14, 10 am – noon

Learn to make your own masks using Fab Lab’s laser cutters and sewing machines. A variety of fabrics, elastic and ear savers will be provided. Cost is $20.

Make Your Own PPE: Masks, Face Shields, Ear Savers

Wednesday, July 15, 2-6 pm

Participants will create their own Face Shield, Ear Saver, cloth face mask using 3D printer and laser cutter. Cost $30

Minecraft Designers, Animated Stories: Black Rocket Kids Summer Camp Online

July 20-24, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Kids age 8-11 who love the game Minecraft will design their own worlds by creating a custom map, 3D models using software, build with Redstone and Command blocks, and create custom textures to import at home or share with friends. Students must own a Java version of Minecraft. This camp will be held only online. Cost $119

LEGO Video Games, Black Rocket Kids Summer Camp

July 27-30, 8:45 – 11:45 am

Students ages 8-14 will work in pairs or in teams to create their own LEGO characters and adventures in an interactive 2D Video Game. Each student will have a finished LEGO Video Game that can be shared with friends and family. Students will work in pairs or teams for most of the program. Cost $139

Fab Lab Print Making, Printing Press, Laser, Print Blocks

July 27-30, 1:30 – 4:30 pm

Students age 12 and older will learn old-fashioned printing practices with a modern twist. Participants learn printing history and design letter blocks using Adobe Illustrator, create them with lasers and print with an 1899 printing press. Cost: $129

Video Game Animation, Black Rocket Kids Summer Camp

August 3-6, 8:45 – 11:45 am

Students work in pairs or teams to create and animate their own character sprites, objects, and backgrounds. Start with a name, develop the character’s personality, signature moves, special powers, and a storyline. Finish with a fully animated character to be used in your very own game. Students do not need any prior experience in game design, animation, or sketching. Cost $139

Summer Camp: Fab Lab Make Your Own Musical Instrument

August 3-6, 9 am – noon

Kids ages 8 and older and adults will make a musical instrument out of computer parts and other unconventional materials. Learn about what makes different types of instruments work including aerophones (winds/brass), chordophones (string instruments), idiophones or membranophones (percussion). Students have the option to show off their finished instruments at a Friday night musical assembly on LMC’s campus. Cost $139

Arcade Building Summer Camp: Video Game Building Workshop

August 3-6, 1:30-5pm

Fans of vintage video games will create their own tabletop arcade machine. Students will sand, paint or stain their own game cabinet and learn to wire the game and speakers. More than 50 games are available including Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, and Dig Dug. No prior woodworking or software knowledge is required. Cost $425 includes up to three students and all equipment and materials.

YouTube Content Creators: Black Rocket Summer Camp

August 10-13, 8:45-11:45 am

Students ages 8-14 will learn best practices of YouTube content creation including an exploration of popular content and personalities and how to discover their own niche. Learn good digital citizenship., develop on-camera presence, channel branding, and professional editing skills. Take home a plan for launching your own channel with the content created in class. Cost $139

Ukelele Camp

August 10-12, 9 am -noon

Students ages 8 and older will learn how to build, decorate, string and play a wooden ukelele using lasers and Adobe Illustrator. Cost: $109. Register at

E-Sports, Gaming Compete, League of Legends

August 10-13, 12:30 – 4:30 pm

Kids entering 7th grade and older who are interested in competitive gaming will train with professional gamers to learn strategic and tactical gaming skills, improve map awareness, understand micro and macro gameplay and competitve play and tournament structure in this “League of Legends” game camp. Beyond gaming skills, participants will also learn teamwork, focus, mental toughness, motivation, self-confidence, team communication, and other personal development skills. Cost $139

Fab Lab For Your Health, Science 3D Laser Cutting Vinyl

August 10-13, 1:30 – 4:30pm

Kids ages 10-14 will use this health science/medical themed camp to complete a variety of projects while learning various machines. Students can laser and sew a plushie together to practice sutures, learn CPR and other life saving measures, learn the skull and facial muscles by lasering cardboard to create a mask, create organs with the vinyl cutter and sew an apron together to learn the digestive track, 3D print a human heart while learning the anatomy of the heart, use virtual reality to learn about bodies and the circulatory system and learn team-building and communication skills. Cost $139

The Fab Lab is a place where students can build science, technology, engineering and math skills through hands-on learning. Participating in Fab Lab activities allows students to explore and experiment with digital fabrication technology including 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, and Vinyl Cutters.