Lincoln Township Police Establish K-9 Unit Acquisition Fund

Citing the cost-effective nature of police K-9 units, and the increasing popularity of them among school groups, the Lincoln Township Police Department has launched a full on effort to acquire and equip a K-9 Unit for their department this fall and winter and they are hopeful that you will concur and help them with the fundraising necessary to make that happen.

Lincoln Township authorities shared the news recently on their Facebook Fan Page, and we are sharing their message here to help get the exposure necessary to speed the project along and help meet the deadline to make that happen.

Here is what Lincoln Township Police posted, complete with the information on how you can help:

As you may have already heard, the Lincoln Township Police Department is engaged in a fundraising effort to purchase and equip a K-9 Unit.

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Through prior experience and research, we have found that a K-9 Unit can be one of the most cost-effective tools a department can have at its disposal. Use of a dog when searching a building significantly enhances officer safety, as well as requiring less time to do a more thorough search of the building. The K-9 Unit reduces the risk of injury to officers and offenders since, in most instances, the person(s) challenged by the dog will readily submit to arrest versus choosing to resist. Also, acute senses of hearing and smell enable the dog to locate lost or hidden persons, property, and narcotics.

In the past few years, K-9 Units have also become popular in area schools. The K-9 is used for demonstrations as well as conducting locker and vehicle checks on school property, which help to keep our schools safe and drug free.

In light of the fact that a K-9 Unit would serve Lincoln Township in many useful ways, we invite our community residents, businesses and organizations to join us in this fundraising effort with a donation toward the K-9 Unit. Donations can be made in person at the Police Department, the Township Hall or at United Federal Credit Union. All amounts, large and small, are very much appreciated.

If you are interested in donating, please visit or send payment to any of the above locations. Please make checks payable to Lincoln Charter Township (Please put "K-9 Unit" in the memo section).

If we are not able to meet the $25,000 goal by February of 2019, the funds will instead go toward capital improvements and community service at the Lincoln Township Police Department.

I'm sure that anything you can provide to help the cause will be appreciated by the Lincoln Township team.

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